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Spiritual Healing is offered as a free service to anyone who asks for it, although there is a donations box for freewill offerings that will help with the Centre’s expenses. Spiritual Healing is available on a Sunday evening at 8pm after the service, and on Tuesday evenings at 7:30pm, when the Healing Group offers a relaxing and refreshing evening of Contact Healing and Meditation.

Request Absent Healing

Do you require Absent Healing, but cannot get to the centre?

Our Healing Team will enter your details into our Healing Book once you send us your details.


Spiritual development and progression is a very personal journey for a healer. As he progresses, so his healing methods will evolve, particularly when they are required for absent healing. It is in this method of healing that the power of prayer and the power of thought are integrated, fused together to allow healing to be given when the patient is not present. Sometimes a patient who cannot attend the Centre will contact our healers and a session of absent healing will be arranged.

While the patient is sitting comfortably, or lying down at home, the healer will send healing energy to the patient by the power of thought and prayer. Absent healing is just as important and powerful as contact healing. If you would like to arrange an absent healing session because you cannot attend the Centre, but are in need of spiritual healing, please phone one of the contact numbers for healing given on this website.
York Spiritualist centre has a ‘Healing Book’ and a ‘Healing Tree’. The book is left open at a page headed with the current month. People are invited to place in the book the names of their friends and loved ones, pets, in fact anyone who is ill or in need of emotional or spiritual upliftment. At the bottom of the page is a section called Transitions, where the names of people and animals that have passed on, are listed.

A prayer is said before the list is read, asking for all the names that have gone before to be blessed and those on the current list to be given healing.

The Healing Tree is a bundle of white vine like branches, secured in a large pot. A pile of green labels with cotton attached is placed on the table. The names of those who need healing are written on the labels and attached to the branches. This tree looks like it is covered in many leaves.

However it does benefit the healer/patient relationship, if the request comes through a mutual friend in person or by letter, thereby creating a personal link to the patient and bridging the distance between our healers and them. This personal advocacy is always a positive meaningful act, and will uplift the advocate as well.

If you would like us to put the name of anyone in the Healing Book or on the Healing Tree either for yourself or someone else, please telephone one of the Healing Group leaders or write directly to us, addressing your letter to The Healing Group Leader, York Spiritualist Centre, 7-9 Wilton Rise, Holgate, YORK, YO24 4BT.
A healing medium is a channel for spirit healers and healing angels, who in turn channel the Divine healing energy. This enables the healing energies to pass from the source which is God given, through Spirit to the healer, then through the hands of the healer in contact healing, or near-to-body healing to the patient.

Absent healing and distant healing influences are channelled by prayer and thought. This is often summed up in the phrase: "From Spirit, through Spirit, to Spirit." The energy comes ultimately from God or the Divine Source, through Spirit entities, channelled through us, who are also Spirit, though in a body, to the Spirit of the patient.
No, not at all. Spiritual Healing is not the same as "Faith Healing". Spiritual Healing is not specifically related to any one religion, but is a common bond throughout all religions. All religions believe that God, or a Divine Source can heal. Different religions will administer this healing energy in different ways.

By coming to a spiritual healing session, you are allowing spirit healers to transmit healing energy through the hands of the earthly spiritual healer. This energy transference does not require your belief, only your agreement to try this as an experiment for several healing sessions. You do not have to have the same spiritual or religious beliefs as the person administering the spiritual healing, and we never ask that you should.

We make Spiritual Healing available free of charge for anyone. However, if you do believe in its power you are more likely to be relaxed and enjoy the session than if you are putting up a lot of mental resistance, doubt and questioning. This could be unhelpful, and could work against the healing. The best way to approach Spiritual Healing is with an open mind. It is also helpful to have a positive attitude towards your own well-being, and the outcome of treatment.

The energies which the healer transmits to the patient assist the self-healing process, which we all have. The physical body cannot live for ever, but you should always try to assist the healing process, not only by continuing your medication, but also by looking at ways in which altering your lifestyle and diet can help you to be a healthier, happier person. One very important component of this is working on your own mindset, so that it becomes always positive and optimistic. Our Spiritual Healing evenings will certainly help to develop these qualities.
Absolutely. As is said elsewhere, Spiritual Healing is a complementary treatment, not an alternative to the care and treatment you get from your GP or from the hospital. Spiritual healers are not allowed to diagnose illness. The diagnosis must be made by qualified and registered medical practitioners! If a spiritual healer senses that something is wrong, he or she will always refer you to your GP, and you are strongly advised by us to take the treatment prescribed by your GP or the hospital.
All Spiritualist National Union healers work in accordance with a Code of Conduct. To ensure that Spiritual Healing is received from a reputable healer, patients should contact their local Spiritualist 'Healing Group.' People living in the York area may contact any of our healers listed on the 'Contact' page.

The SNU 'Healing Code of Conduct' and booklet entitled 'Healing and the Law' are available at minimum cost from the SNU.

For the moment write to:

Spiritualists' National Union Redwoods Stansted Hall Stansted Essex UK CM24 8UD

Tel : (+44) 01279816363 Email: registrations@snu.org.uk

Chrisy is the Healing Group Leader at York Spiritual Centre.

Any enquiries regarding the ministry of Spiritual Healing offered by York Spiritualist Centre can be addressed to a member of the Healing Team.
A healer will make physical contact with the patient at the beginning of the treatment, usually by placing his or her hands on the shoulders of the patient who is seated. Sometimes a healer may sit in front of the patient and take the patient's hand. The approach used, will be at the discretion of the healer. Some patients prefer near-to-body healing. This requires the healer to place his or her hands at a distance of about 3 inches from the body. Please let your healer know if you would prefer this to contact healing.

The methods of applying contact healing do vary. Some healers prefer to hold their patients hands, place their hands on their knees, on their head or shoulders or back, whilst the patient is sitting. Some patients do not like to have their heads held or touched. If you feel this way, please tell the healer, and “near to body healing” will be given to the head if the healer feels it is needed.

If the healer feels it is necessary, the patient may be invited to lie down while healing takes place. When lying on a healing couch other parts of the body can be easily reached. The healer's hands will move to where they are needed, influenced by the spirit guides and healers. But the choice of sitting or lying is the patient's. A patient has the choice of sitting in a chair or lying on the couch.
The ‘Healing Evenings’ are a delight for the patients, with ambient lighting, lit candles, fresh flowers, calming music, a warm room a refreshing glass of water and friendship. We start with an opening prayer, followed by a lovely meditation with calming music, followed by asking for absent healing for family and friends who need it. The names in the healing book and on the healing tree are blessed then the names entered for the present month are read out from the book.

Contact healing follows this, which takes place with the patient either sitting on a chair or lying on a healing couch. While contact healing is taking place those patients either waiting for or having just received healing, sit in quiet meditation. When the healing is complete we have a closing prayer and this is followed by tea, coffee, herbal teas and lovely biscuits and a friendly chat. It is a whole healing experience, which some people attend just because they feel energised afterwards, and pleased to have company in a warm friendly setting. One patient described it as being like taking a warm inner bath, and said he felt inwardly cleansed after a healing session.