Spiritual Circles

Our current development circles

There is a small charge for each of these group meetings.

Upcoming Open Circle

Please note:

All Open Circles falling on ‘Monday Public Holidays’, or ‘Saturday Evening Event Specials’ are cancelled.

Our Monday Open Circle is hosted by guest & resident Mediums

Our Saturday Awareness & Open Circle is usually hosted by our resident Mediums

Spiritual Circles

Open circles are normally headed by a medium or someone who is knowledgeable about all the aspects of mediumship and has practical experience. In an open circle you can develop whatever gifts spirit have given you. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or experienced medium, an open circle is a safe place where everyone can attune to spirit and/or develop.

Closed circles are usually by invite only, the people who sit with spirit, week in week out are able to build up special spirit energies and relations by working with the same group of people.
Do you sometimes feel that you have an interest in Spiritual things and such but can't connect with other people in conversation about it and end up feeling frustrated?

Do you feel that you have a Spiritual/psychic gift or have 'odd' experiences and don't know how to cope with it?

Many people have these feelings and need to speak to like minded people who can understand what they are experiencing.

Our awareness circle is aimed at those who would like to gain a deeper understanding or connection to spirit. You have the opportunity to chat and work with like minded individuals who work with spirit.

If you feel apprehensive you can email us, Maureen can offer advice over the telephone (but not for readings), so get in touch with us and arrange to see someone who besides lending a sympathetic ear, can perhaps give some guidance which may be of benefit to you. There's no need to keep feeling alienated: we're here for you! You'll always be welcome at York Spiritualist Centre.

Don't forget to check out our Special Events Workshops, these events give visitors the opportunity to deepen their knowledge on a chosen theme, these offer a more intensive training over the course of a day.