The 7 Principles of Spiritualism

The Fatherhood of God

God is our father, we acknowledge that fact; God created life and we are part of that life. God is the creative force, which manifests directly or indirectly, in all things and we know this power as God. Spiritualism defines God as no man. Therefore there are no limitations on the creator of our planet and the Universe.

God is the force, which created the world of nature, it is this force that created life in all its forms and continues to keep our very existence in a state of balance allowing creation to continue to grow, develop and renew. When we speak of “The Father”, we are referring to God the creator of life.

The Brotherhood of Man

We all come from the same universal life source, one enormous, divine family, and a brotherhood where all mankind must learn to give in order to receive so that the balance in all our lives is achieved and maintained.

We must act as a family, embrace all of humanity, provide a community for mutual comfort and support; provide for the spiritual needs not just the material needs of our fellow creatures. Share our joys and our burdens, help each other to grow strong and become worthy of our relationship within the Family of God.

The Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels

All religions believe in some form of life after death, but it is only Spiritualism that continually proves this fact by demonstrating that communication with departed spirits can and does take place. The Communion of Spirits is the key Principle of Modern Spiritualism.

Our loved ones, friends and relatives in spirit make contact through mediumship at every opportunity, to check on our welfare, reassure us that they are still with us and they still care about us.

There are also spirit people and spirit teachers who have dedicated their lives to the welfare and service of mankind, bringing inspiration and teachings, whilst others work within the healing ministry.

God’s Law never changes, but Spiritualists understanding of them does, as they gain experience. Neither Spirit nor Energy can be destroyed but their form can and does alter. The creative force and the individual are eternal.

The Continuous Existence of the Human Soul

Spirit, as part of the Creative Force is indestructible. It has been scientifically proven that matter, being part of the creative force, or energy, cannot be destroyed. When our physical body dies, the spirit continues as an integral part of a spirit world, which sees and understands our world, but exists in a different dimension.

In the Spirit World we have a spirit body which looks like our earthy body until we have progressed in the spirit realms. We are the same individuals, with the same characteristics and personalities which can only change by progression through our own efforts. Our responsibilities do not stop after death.

The evidence for Continuous Existence is overwhelming and this proof can be experienced at every Spiritualist service, through the communication of mediums, and in development circles that take place throughout the world.

Personal Responsibility

We are all responsible for our own individual wrongful thoughts and deeds. We all know the difference between right and wrong and we are responsible for every aspect of our life. We have freewill, freedom of choice. No one can interfere with our spiritual development, unless we allow it.

The individual can only achieve spiritual progression by his or her own willingness to take responsibility. We have to have the willingness to live up to our positive powers of goodness and changes in our spiritual surroundings.

Compensation and Retribution hereafter for all the good and evil deeds done on Earth

The natural laws of Cause and Effect, as you sow, so shall you reap, what goes around, comes around, and they are paramount in this principle. You cannot be cruel and vindictive towards others and expect love and acceptance in return.

This law starts now, on earth, today; the spirit world does not wait until you get there before Compensation and Retribution are given out. We have to keep a perfect balance between the action and reaction both here and the hereafter, whilst resolving the contradictions somewhere in the middle.

Eternal Progress open to every Human Soul

Every human spirit possesses the power to progress in love and wisdom. We each have to accept Personal Responsibility for our own individual development as we walk along our spiritual path. Progress demands sacrifice and is never easy, but spiritual blessings are the reward for the effort made.

These efforts stimulate finer vibrations within each soul, which in turn builds the divine spiral of spiritual progression even higher in this life and the life to come. If we do our very best in this life, then our progress in the next will be easier. Within the Family of God we are all given the opportunity to be responsible for our own eternal progress.